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anda kini berada dalam belog wHite anD vIolEt, THAnX vIsiT!! do fOllow me okay!!

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Saturday, 9 February 2013

when Chinese New Year holidaysssss~

heee... actually it's been a long time i dont have any new entry.. but today i felt very free after seeing my cousy blog.. hee... he mentioned my name on his blog actually...suddenly feel touched.. thank abg Solleh.. akhirnya.. someone really realize my gifted.. hi hi hi.. just kidding.. :)

Mesti ramai yg tatahu, ryn dah lama juga habis belajar di Sabak Bernam, sekarang dah mula start kje.. just a simple kerja utk collect experiences kan.. boleh tak mcm tuh? hik3.. hurmm.. duk diam diam.. dah almost 3 month abes study.. ryn admit!! sometime tersangat2 rindu2 situation mse belajar.. tu yg rasa mcm nak sambung jek belajar.. tp nak kwn2 yg dlu jugak.. kwn2 mse diploma.. huhuhu... tp kne akui juga, mmg takkan jumpe dah kan.. by the way... mybe in short time, ryn akan attend convocation day, tp tatahu lagi bila.. huhuhu.. tak sabar rasanya....... wehuuuu~

hurrmm.. 2 feb 2013... my bro wedding.. ryn rasa ramai invited by this invitation.. tp takda siapa pun datang.. Only my sweetheart je. takpe lahh.. mybe mereka busy and ada yg dah start kje, freshy pun kan.. susah nak cuti... Perhapss... hopefully when my day comes, uols kne dtg... BY HOOK OR BY CROOK!!!! arassoooo?  :p

just nak share a fews pict from Reception My lovely Brother and Sister in law.. :)

pssttt; ni pict outdoor shoot by me, Abg Solleh, Abg wan, and Uda (Dayat). Of course they have gifted talents.. hurmm.. im just amatuer.. :) sukasuka je nak amek niyhh.. if i want to be photographer.. i nak amek gmbr outdoor jekk.. hehehehehehe..~

Pict diatas pelaminan.. hee.. that's why.. i just really like take outdoor picta only.. :)) susah nak kawal org niyh.. klu ada blinking eyes ke.. dah cacat gmbr kan.. luckily lah bridemaid jek yg blinking... err... ni ryn tatahu lah sape yg snap.. ade dlm collection.. so.. ryn letak je lahh.. :))

Okay... Surprised birthday party for me.. hohohokk.. mum.. it's already belated.. but.. so much thank to u, who are responsibe for this celebration... Love u so much mums!! sengat terharu... after my brother potong cake.. suddenly Mcs announce my name.. and i heard birthday song.. hahaha.. sangat terharu+malu k.. dah besar anak gajah pun.. isk iskk... 

it's when evryone 'sarcastic' with my level taw... ish ish.. uols memang lah...!! lovely family everrrr!!!
dari kiri : Mak Teh, Cik Epul, Kak Nani, err.. Bride terselit disitu.. Kak Farah, ME, Cik Ina and the groom Along, Kak Elis, My sis angah, and lovely aunt Acik Siah.. :)
Nampaknya ryn lebih tinggi dr mereka.. nampak tak sarcastic itu? :p

This is our new family member too.. Nur Fareeha Sofea.. be a good girl darling... Mak Su love u.. muahhxx!!! She is sleeping baby with her nanny kissed.. xoxo~

of course, it is me... with my peplum sangatttt and Canon Delighting You Alwayszzz....thanks to my cousy.. Uda Dayat yg tlg snap pic niyh.. kih3.. saje nak tumpang outdoor abg ryn.. by the way.. i like this dress and this view.. so strikeee.. weee~ *kembang kembang*
errr... actually it is already 1. 09 am waiting for call.. hope to see uols again.. and please be enjoy with me entry and this veautiful moment... *heart*

p/s: tak sabar nak merasa hari yang paling bahagia.. ouh My Prince....... ^,^